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Company InstalSoft respects your privacy, so all obtained informations are protected. Regardless of whether you buy our products, visit our websites or use the supporting platform - HelpSystem, we would like to our privacy rules give you a sense of security. If you pass to us your personal details, we are committed treat them in accordance with published rules privacy policy, which is why we ask you to carefully read them.

Collection of informations

Informations are collected in several ways, they have to ensure the safety and availability of appropriate and adequate information.

  1. When you register some personal data are collected about user name and security password that are required to register in the HelpSystem. Any additional information may be made available on a voluntary basis.
  2. In upon the use of HelpSystem automatically recorded informations obtained when visiting a site. Server logs may include informations about the IP address, network requests, the browser type, the browser language, the date and time of your request and cookies.

Use of informations

Given by the editors, members and visitors HelpSystem informations are used for the services provided, ensuring the safety and customizing the content of pages to customers needs. In addition, are used to prevent the fraud, ensure the safety of the HelpSystem and the enforcement of existing provisions.

Release of informations

Informations are available for several reasons.

  1. For the purposes of law enforcement agencies and other institutions by law empowered.
  2. With the consent of the person possessing the informations.
  3. Public informations, which are widely available.
  4. In order to protect HelpSystem visitors.


Informations are protected through the use adequate procedures and the use of technical and administrative provisions protection measures against accidental, unauthorized or unlawful destruction, alteration, use or disclosure. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee full protection, because our security can be broken.

Viewing by user their datas and their changing

In order to gain access to their data or their changing, and remove user accounts along with personal informations, please contact the company InstalSoft with the appropriate request.