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Informations about HelpSystem

HelpSystem is a system of help documentation on uses and functionality of the programs offered by InstalSoft. It is a series of articles based on the wikipedia technology. The system will be updated and developed to facilitate the use of InstalSoft software, and allow to use the full functionality offered.

The use of supporting platform HelpSystem allows for very fast search of information.

  • Articles contain references to similar topics allowing to learn more about topics of interest to you. Thanks to this the reader is always "on the click of a mouse" from more informations.
  • Articles are presented in a proper categories due to thematic content, and have an active table of contents.
  • Presented in articles content is supplemented by other forms of communication, among others: videos, photos, project files.
  • Articles are available in different language versions.

We welcome any suggestions relating topics of new articles that can be helpful for both: beginners and more advanced users. We will also be grateful for comments on the system itself, and have been already prepared articles.

Please also be sure to read the article HelpSystem:General disclaimer.