Three-way mixing valve reducing the temperature of hot water

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2022-03-16


Mixing valve for hot utility water mixes hot water with cold water to reduce the maximum temperature of water at outlet points (in relation to the value provided by Source). The temperature of the mixed water is indicated in the valve data table, and the program calculates the flow rates of hot and cold water required to obtain that temperature.
This valve is used most often in designs that include Water supply systems in such facilities as hospitals, kindergartens, nursing homes, etc.

Location in program

  • The Mixing valve is available in the Distribution - Water supply section on the Main tools bar when Water supply editing scope is activated.
    1. Mixing valve

Examples of use

Placing the component

Mixing valve is an autonomous component. It should be placed at the required spot in the design, and then in the Data table window the following should be specified:

  • Type - it is not possible to declare a default type of the Mixing valve, Type should be specified in the Data table after the component is placed in the design
  • Temperature of mixed tap water θhw,m
  • Distance from floor (set in storey data)
  • Orientation.
    2. Mixing valve - Data table

Connecting the component

  • Connect the Mixing valve to the system. To draw pipe-runs carrying water of reduced temperature use Pipe-run Hot water.
  • Upon connecting the component to the system, the program calculates the flow rates of hot and cold water to obtain the required Temperature of mixed tap water, specified in the Data table for the Mixing valve.

Additional information

  • It is not possible to connect a circulation arrangement to the system part supplied via a Mixing valve.
  • All Mixing valve components present in a design are enumerated in the List of valves and fittings
  • Incorrect connection to a system is indicated by the error message: REVERSE COMPONENT CONNECTION (%s)