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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2017-11-18


The tool enables searching for a component or a group of components within a project. As a result the found components are marked in all active windows, such as: 2D Editor, 3D view, Data table, Results, etc.

Location in the program

  • The function forms a separate window and is available in the Main tools toolbar in the Windows section.
    1. function

Example of use

Searching for components of selected type

  1. Select Scope of search (e.g. Building structure, Heating and cooling installation).
  2. Select the component in the tree of components.
  3. Additional buttons on the right side of window enable:
    • searching for components of selected type within a drawing indicated by the user,
    • searching for all components of selected type.

Searching for components that meet defined criteria

  1. Select one of the previously defined searches
  2. Select Add new search.
  3. Fill in the Search name field.
  4. Select the scope of search in the Find field.
  5. Select from the list the data type to be used in the search.
  6. Narrow down the range of your search by specifying the values of selected data.