Radiant heating installation in a Tichelmann system (example for the lesson)

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article SAMPLE PROJECT
Source for translation 2020-01-20


Project description

This article presents a project file of radiant heating installation in a Tichelmann system (without using manifolds) in public recreation and sports building.
The project is an example for the following lesson: Designing radiant heating systems with pipe-runs as distribution system. The lesson describes how to make such a project step by step.

Files to download and project information

Project files

How to calculate downloaded file?

Initial state radiant heating Tichelmann system design
Example of Tichelmann radiant heating system
Designed with InstalSystem 5 rev Beta 30
Required modules Base module
Heating systems
Radiant systems
Project range Radiant heating
Used catalogues

Basic radiant systems
Brass, cast iron and steel fittings
PEX pipes and fittings
Miscellaneous fittings any manufacturer
Standard insulation

Type of building public recreation and sports facility
no basement
Building structure Tennis courts, dwg
Drawings range Plan view
Prepared by Logo-KMR.png
Legal disclaimer The whole file or parts of the project may be copied
Calculation results Complete range of calculation results, xls
Complete range of available printouts, pdf
Radiant heating calculation results, pdf
Bill of materials, pdf
Installation parameters, pdf
Drawing results Tennis courts, dwg
Tennis courts, pdf