Radiant heating floor and wall system - quick design (example for the lesson)

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article SAMPLE PROJECT
Source for translation 2020-02-23

Project description

This article presents a quick project of radiant heating installation in single-family building. The aim of this simple approach to designing is to obtain approximate heat and flow results and to draw up a rough bill of materials.
The project is an example for the following lesson: Quick design of radiant heating/radiant cooling. The lesson describes how to make such a project step by step.

Files to download and project information

Project files

How to calculate downloaded file?

Initial state, isproj
Final state, isproj
Designed with InstalSystem 5
Rev. Beta 31
Required modules Base module
Heating systems
Radiant systems
Project range Radiant heating and cooling
Used catalogues

Basic radiant systems
Brass and steel pipe couplings and fittings
Copper pipes and fittings EN 1057
Standard mixers, pump and bypass units
Standard insulation catalogue
Neutral valves catalogue - typical construction

Type of building single-family
no basement
Building structure Base drawing ground floor, dwg
Base drawing first floor, dwg
Drawings range Plan drawings
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Legal disclaimer Copying of entire project and of its fragments allowed
Calculation results List of radiant heating components, pdf
Drawing results