Preparation of building structure - Without rooms

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2022-02-16


The article describes how the basic structure of a building, with no rooms, can be set up. Once the building data, first of all the number of storeys, has been defined, it is possible to work on the actual project scopes. The building structure created in this manner can then be used when working on designs that contain:

  • Various systems with radiators of user-specified output and required power, with terminal units of user-defined pressure drop, including cooling systems. For more information, see: Terminal unit.
  • Water supply systems within the basic scope.
  • Drainage systems.

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Location in the program

Storeys management

  • Storeys management is accessible in the General data window, section Building and surroundings.
    1. Storeys management.

Examples of use

Creating a storey

In the Storeys management section the most important data of the Storey can be specified:

  • Storey elevation Hs - the elevation of the lowermost storey in a series of storeys, automatically determines the elevations of all storeys above (using the information on storey height and slab thickness).
  • Floor thickn. (excl. covering) - Designed floor thickness, for heating floors - excluding covering. From it, the heights above the floor of all design elements on a given storey are referred, regardless of the value of the corresponding parameter in the rooms. The floor is presented in the model using the Turn on floor/false ceiling area function

For more information, see: Preparation of building structure - storeys.

Loading an underlay

Optionally an Underlay can be transferred onto each of the storeys. Underlay is a two-dimensional (flat) graphical object extracted from an external raster or vector file. Underlay in itself does not provide any components of the building structure, but it displays the plans of the individual storeys, which may facilitate inserting system components in the project.
For more information, see: Import underlay files.