Preparation of building structure - Multi-storey rooms

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2019-04-25


The article describes how create multi-storey rooms.

The multi-storey room is created by:

  • declaring scope of storey in data table of room inserted manually as a polygon,
  • by using opening in slab dividing rooms created by program from the walls, slabs and roof.

Location in program

For more information, see: Preparation of building structure

Examples of use

1. Multi-storey room created from a room inserted manually with declaration of storey range.
After declaring range of storey, in window Project browser check if room is assigned to a separate element Building unit.

For more information, see: Editing data of Building units

2. Multi-storey room created by using opening in slab.

  • Cutting holes in slabs by using the tool Opening in slab.
  • Make Computation of building structure .
  • If the building will has Thermal calculations of building by method Calculations acc. to standard for a single family house, a correct ventilation air balance requires placing all rooms in the element multi-storey Building unit.
  • Delete unnecessary (empty) elements Building unit.