Preparation of building structure - Creation of roofs with different construction

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2017-11-18


This article describes how various roof structures cab be prepared. The roof structure comprises:

  • Roof,
  • Add roof edge,
  • Dormer,
  • Roof window.

In order to view the effects of changes made during editing it is necessary to invoke Computation of building structure .
For more information, see: Preparation of building structure

Location in the program

Building structure

  • Icons of the components and functions related to the building structure are accessible in the 2D Editor window on the Main tools bar, section Construction when Construction editing is enabled.
    3. Building structure elements

Computation of building structure

  • Computation of building structure is available on Main tools bar, section Calculations.
    4. Computation of building structure

Example of use

1. Create an outline of the roof cover using the Roof component. Then draw the edges of the roof using Add roof edge and specify the elevations of the characteristic points of the roof.
Roof division lines can be deleted by clicking Delete-ikon.png.
Red roof division lines indicate that the division cannot be effected and the elevations of the points or the division lines need to be adjusted.

  • shed roof,

  • gable roof,

  • hip roof,

  • half hip roof,

  • gambrel roof,

  • multifaceted roof.

2. Create a roof with a dormer using Dormer:

  • roof with a shed dormer,

  • roof with a gabled dormer.