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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2022-02-24


The article describes the various possibilities for preparing a building structure and how to verify its correctness. The choice of the method of creating a building structure depends primarily on which services are to be designed and within what scope, and on the available source data for the structure and plans of the individual storeys.
If the design does not require heat loss calculations to meet the standards, a full building structure with structural elements can be omitted in favour of a building structure with manually formed rooms - polygons or a building structure without rooms.
In all of the above methods, each storey forms a separate plan sheet onto which an underlay can be imported from an external file.

Videos related to the article

Location in program

Storeys management

  • Storeys management is available in the General data window in the Building and surroundings section.
    1. Storeys management.

Import underlay

  • Icons of components and functions related to importing underlays (base drawings) are available in the 2D Editor window on the Main tools bar in the Underlay section when the Underlay editing scope is enabled.
    2. Import underlay

Building structure

  • Icons of components and functions related to the building structure are available in the 2D Editor window on the Main tools bar in the Construction section when the Construction editing scope is enabled.
    3. Building structure components

Computation of building structure

  • Computation of building structure is available on the Main tools toolbar in the Calculations section.
    4. Computation of building structure

Examples of use

Creating a storey

The video shows how storeys are created in the project and how their data is entered or changed.

Depending on the method chosen for creating the building structure, other parameters of the storey component will be important. The most important data to pay attention to are presented in more detail for each of the building structure creation methods described later in this article. A useful tool for checking the dimensions and position of the storey is a drawing showing a cross-section of the whole building and a cross-section of the selected storey.

5. Drawing of storey cross-section

Loading an underlay

A Drawing/underlay can optionally be loaded onto each storey in the design. Drawing/underlay is a two-dimensional (flat) graphic object taken from an external raster or vector file. Drawing/underlay does not itself provide components of the building structure, but it provides plan views of the individual storeys, which can help when creating the building structure according to an architectural design or when inserting system components into a design.
For more information, see: Import underlay files.

Creating building structure

The method of creating a building structure should be chosen according to the scope of calculations and the type of service systems in the design.

Building structure without rooms

For designs that include:

  • Various systems based on radiators of specified output and required power, terminal units of specified flow resistance, including cooling systems
  • Water supply systems within basic scope
  • Drainage systems.

For more information, see: Preparation of building structure - Without rooms.

Building structure with rooms

For designs where:

  • Heat load of rooms is determined indicatively
  • Heat load of rooms is to be user-specified.

For more information, see: Preparation of building structure - Rooms layout.

Complete building structure

For designs that include:

  • Calculation of the design heat load in rooms using standard packages
  • Various types of Heating Systems, Cooling Systems, Plumbing Systems and Drainage Systems requiring walls, slabs and roof decks.

For more information, see: Preparation of building structure - Complete building structure.

Import of a building structure from a BIM-compatible format

For more information, see: BIM - Import and management of IFC models in InstalSystem 5 package.


Numbering of rooms

For a building structure that includes rooms (being the result of the design of a full structure or of a building structure with rooms), it is possible to assign room symbols by selecting the Symbols assignment operation and selecting the room labels in the order desired.

In the General data window, in the Component appearance and descriptions configuration section, the Name patterns according to which symbols will be assigned can be specified. The numbering configuration shown below means that the Room number displayed in the Symbol field consists of the storey symbol and of the subsequent number on that storey, which is always a two-digit number. More explanations will be displayed by positioning the mouse pointer on the Question-mark.png button.

6. Component appearance and descriptions configuration window