Pipe feeds route - Good practices and use cases

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2023-01-23


This article describes the good practices of using the Pipe feeds route component when connecting and disconnecting of Heating/Cooling Zone elements on selected project examples.
For more information, see: Editing pipe feeds in a radiant system

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Location in the program

  • Pipe feeds route is available in section on the Main tools toolbar, for the active editing scopes Rad.-floors,walls or Rad.-ceilings.
    1. Pipe feeds route.

Example of use

Pipe feeds route - automatic generation of pipe feeds

In general it is recommended to draw the Pipe feeds route along the walls as in this case generated automatically pipe feeds don't reserve area for the loop itself:

But in some cases (e.g. in case of heating/cooling zone type Heated by pipe feeds) it is reasonable to draw the Pipe feeds route inside of the room:

To disconnect Heating/Cooling Floor Zone use Shift key.