Manifolds, manifold sets and accessories

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2022-10-11


Manifolds are an important component of thermal systems and water supply systems. In the program they can be found in the catalogues: Pipes, Pipes and fittings, Radiant systems and in the section Fittings not from catalog (in this case they are of limited use).
In thermal systems, Manifold is used to distribute the heating medium evenly among the consumers and to balance the circuits.
Manifold function in the water supply system is to divide water between the taps equally.
The following types of manifolds are available for use in thermal systems:

  • single (supply or return) – for convectional systems only
  • double (supply and return)
  • two-parameter (mixing and distribution unit) - combining high-temperature (convective) and low temperature (radiant) systems.

Manifold is placed and presented in a drawing with a Manifold set and Manifold cabinet. All these components are scaled to their real dimensions.
Manifold set for thermal system manifolds consists of various functional elements. Manifold set type can be selected in the General data window depending on the requirements for its functionality:

  • balancing the manifold with other terminals in the network
  • heat measurement
  • temperature reduction.

The program enables full automatic selection and sizing of the required Manifold accessories, defined as Manifold set, the selection of the Manifold cabinet type and the control of the corresponding actuators mounted on the manifold valves. At the same time, the user can manually select other available accessories and cabinets designed for a particular manifold.

The accessories that can be selected are as follows:

  • ball valve sets
  • heat meters
  • control and balancing valves
  • necessary pipe fittings, adapters and connection kits
  • other (caps, plugs, etc.)

Location in the program

Manifold icons are located in the 2D Editor window on the Main tools toolbar:

  • section Convectional for convectional systems
    1. Insert Manifold for convectional systems.

  • section Rad.-floors,walls for radiant systems
    2. Insert Manifold for radiant systems.

  • section Water supply for water supply systems
    3. Insert Manifold for water supply systems.

Examples of use

Manifold, Manifold set type and Manifold cabinet type for can be selected by default in the General data window.

  • for convectional systems
    4. Selecting Manifold, Manifold set type and Manifold cabinet type by default for convectional systems.

  • for radiant systems
    5. Selecting Manifold, Manifold set type and Manifold cabinet type by default for radiant systems.

  • for water supply systems
    6. Selecting Manifold by default for water supply systems.

High temperature and low temperature manifolds

For thermal systems, two types of manifolds are automatically selected by default:

  • for convection systems with radiators - high temperature manifolds
  • for radiant systems - low temperature manifolds

But this selection can be changed manually in the data table:

7. Manual selection of high temperature and low temperature Manifold.

Manual selection of a Mixing and distribution unit

After inserting a Mixing and distribution unit it is neccessary to select it's type from the list, after which the components and connection points appear.

The choice of the number of outlets is based on the choice of the product.

Manual selection of manifold accessories

  1. Change Manifold set type to Other.
  2. Select the required accessories for the manifold.
  3. In the case of a manually defined set of accessories the size of the cabinet has to be selected by the user!

Orientation modification

  1. Choose a proper manifold orientation among those available in the Orientation list:
    • standard vertical manifold orientation:
      • manifold outlets downward oriented,
      • manifold outlets upward oriented.
    • horizontal maniofold orientation:
      • lateral manifold outlets, facing backwards,
      • lateral manifold outlets, facing forward.
    • vertical arrangement of the manifold arms:
      • manifold outlets to the right,
      • manifold outlets to the left.

Changing the orientation of the Mixing and distribution unit

The orientation selection is to choose the left or right manifold folder, if the given orientation exists in the offer.


Manifold table

For more information, see: Manifold table.

Additional information

Manifold boards

  • For each double manifold used in the thermal systems project there are Manifold boards available in the Results window which display complete calculation results and a list of accessories. A printout of the Manifold boards can be placed inside the manifold cabinet.

For more information, see: Export / print results and drawings