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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2022-02-05


Manifold table enables presenting on plans, in a neat and compact tabular fashion, the parameters of Manifold and of its accessories. Four predefined templates are available. The user can also specify the amount of information displayed in columns and rows and save such configuration as a user-defined template to be used in future projects.

Location in the program

  • Manifold table is available in the Distribution - thermal installations section on the Main tools bar.
1. Manifold table

Indicating the default template for Manifold table

  • The Default template for manifold table is in the Settings window, section Other settings.
2. Selecting the default template of Manifold table

Changing the default Manifold table template for another in the Data table window

  • A template can be selected in the Table template list from among predefined and user-defined templates.
3. Selecting a Manifold table template for the indicated component

Example of use

  • Inserting a Manifold table into the design from the Distribution - thermal installations toolbar.
  • Setting the visibility of the rows in the header of the table and the columns in its lower part.
  • Saving a user-defined Manifold table template.
  • Selectting a new default Manifold table template in program settings.

Additional information

  • The template created by the user includes information on the columns and rows displayed in the header of the Manifold table, while the colour settings are not saved.
  • Editing of the Manifold table is possible within the following scopes:
    • Convectional
    • Floor and wall heating and cooling systems
    • Rad.-ceilings
    • Printout