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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Content up-to-date for version IS 5.0 Rev. 15.3


The program enables automatic selection and sizing of the required manifold accessories, defined as Manifold set type. It also enables proper sizing of the manifold cabinet which takes into account the size of the manifold itself and the accessories. Examples of manifold accessories that are selected automatically or by the user:

  • ball valve sets,
  • heat meters,
  • control and balancing valves,
  • necessary pipe fittings, adapters and connection kits,
  • other (caps, plugs, etc.)

The manifold is placed and presented in a drawing with a Manifold set and manifold cabinet. All these components are scaled to their real dimensions. In addition there is a differentiation between surface-mounted and concealed cabinets, and depending on that the cabinet can be snapped to the wall or to room outline.
Selection of the automatic control type ensures that appropriate actuators are selected for the manifold valves.
In unusual cases the manifold accessories and cabinet size can be selected manually.

Location in the program

Components associated with the use of manifold are available in the Main tools bar. These include:

  • Manifold
  • Manifold table
  • Label
    1. Inserting Manifold, Manifold table, Label

Examples of use

Automatic selection of manifold and accessories

Selecting a predefined Manifold set from a list of sets available for a particular manifold ensures proper selection of accessories and size of the manifold cabinet.

Manual selection of manifold accessories

  1. Select from among those avaiable on the list a Manifold set type with connection points arranged as required.
  2. Change Manifold set type to Other.
  3. Select the required accessories for the manifold.
  4. In the case of a manually defined set of accessories the size of the cabinet has to be selected by the user!

Orientation modification

  1. Choose a proper manifold orientation among those available in the Orientation list:
    • standard vertical manifold orientation:
      • manifold outlets downward oriented,
      • manifold outlets upward oriented.
    • horizontal maniofold orientation:
      • lateral manifold outlets, cabinet opened upwards,
      • lateral manifold outlets, cabinet opened downards.


For more information, see: Component appearance configuration

Manifold table

Additional information

Manifold boards

  • For each manifold used in the project there is a manifold board available in the Results window which displays complete calculation results and a list of accessories. A printout of the manifold board can be placed inside the manifold cabinet.

For more information, see: Export / print results and drawings