List of standards and methods used for sizing and calculations

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Product InstalSystem 5
Source for translation 2020-01-17

Ikonka3.png Heating and cooling installations

Radiant systems design

  • Supply temperature optimization - proprietary method
  • Thermal calculations for wet (pipe in screed) and dry systems (heating and cooling):
    • EN 1264 with the update to EN 1264-2/A1:2012-06 taking into account laminar flow in the calculations
    • DIN 4725-200 for increased screed thicknesses
    • National / manufacturer requirements saved in the system catalog
  • Thermal calculations of panel systems:
    • EN 1264 with the update to EN 1264-2/A1:2012-06 (heating and cooling)
    • EN 14037 (heating)
    • EN 14240 (cooling)
  • Hydraulic calculation of panel systems:
    • Zehnder's proprietary method for Zehnder steel radiators
    • standard formulas (Darcy and Colebrook formulas) for other panels

Pipeline network calculations

  • Hydraulic calculations - Darcy and Colebrook equations
  • Diameter sizing - R_max and v_max criteria
  • Hydraulic balancing - proprietary method
  • Heat loss in pipelines - according to professional literature
  • Pipeline insulation sizing - EnEv (German) or WT2008 (Polish) recommendations, depending on the market-language version

Designing installations with flat stations

  • dimensioning of the primary network supplying flat stations, taking into account non-simultaneous demand of the medium for domestic hot water preparation in a plate heat exchanger, according to the TU Dresden or DIN 1988-300 method (the second one requires the water system calculation module in the package configuration)

Balancing the installation with predefined control loops

  • according to the manufacturer's guidelines