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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article TIP&TRICK
Source for translation 2021-12-08

Problem description

In the case of elaborate projects the time of completing calculations for all active calculation modules can extend to several tens of seconds or even several minutes. However, it is possible to control what scope of the project is being calculated and what actions are to be performed by the program during their duration.


Running selected calculations only

Clicking the Ikonka5.png button results in all project scopes being calculated by default. The calculation time can be shortened by doing one of the following:

  1. Disabling indicated calculation scopes by unchecking checkboxes adjacent to the relevant module icons upon expanding the Ikonka5.png button.
    1. Ikonka2.pngThermal calculations of building
    2. Ikonka1.pngComputation of building structure
    3. Heating and cooling systems.pngCalculations of Heating and cooling systems
    4. Ikonka4.pngCalculations of Water supply systems
    5. Tap-drainage-Calculator.png Calculations of Drainage systems
  2. Running calculations of a selected project scope only by clicking the relevant icon Checkbox-Calculations.png
  3. Excluding selected modules from the project scope in the General data window

1.Running selected calculation scopes only.

For more information, see: Calculations and diagnostics

Change program settings

Do not enable automatic switching to the Results window after completing calculations. This will reduce the calculations time by the time needed for switching to the Results and for refreshing the printout.

2.Changing program settings.

Disabling the 3D window

When working on a less powerful graphics card, the calculation time, which also includes the time necessary for refreshing of the drawing of the building model and the installation after calculation, may be reduced noticeably after disabling the 3D view window.

3. Disabling the 3D view window

Disabling the Generate loops drawings function

This applies to the Radiant systems module. If loop drawings are not required or if they have already been generated and satisfactory results have been obtained, their generation can be disabled as described in:

For more information, see: Manual editing of loop drawings.

4.Generating loop drawings.

Disabling automatic division of Heating/Cooling Zone and drawing of pipe feeds

This applies to the Radiant systems module. Due to the need to take into account many parameters, the algorithm for dividing the Heating/Cooling Zone and drawing the pipe feeds can considerably increase the project calculation time of the Heating and cooling systems. When satisfactory results (flow, thermal and graphical) are obtained, these algorithms can be disabled.
For more information, see: Dividing a Heating/Cooling Zone into Heating-cooling surface components


If various pipe and fitting systems are used in a project, the sizing of connections between the systems may take longer during the first calculation of the project.