How to make the program run faster

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article TIP&TRICK
Source for translation 2019-12-06

Problem description

InstalSystem version 5 requires hardware of relatively high computing performance. The software tends to be slower on lower end machines. This is particularly apparent when large files are processed or when other applications run simultaneously. The scale of the problem also depends on the program functions and windows used.

A particular case in which the program may slow down is usage of complex DWG underlays containing a great number of layers and/or a lot of elements, and/or with large drawing dimensions.


General recommendations

  • Close all windows that are not needed (particularly the resource-intensive module 3D view).
    1. 3D Editor

  • Hide editing scopes that are not used.
    2.Hide edit scopes.

  • Exit all applications and services running in the background that are not used at the moment.
  • Verify that the computer meets Hardware requirements.

Complex DWG layouts

Having selected the DWG file, (in Underlay) for the layer on which the AUTO mode should not be working, it ios necessary to:

  • deselect, in the Layers for AUTO mode field, a chosen position or
    3. Layers for AUTO mode

  • with the right mouse button, click on the layout element and choose Disable AUTO for layer: %s.
    4. Disable AUTO for layer: %s

In the same way, you can chooseDisable AUTO for all layers.

5. Disable AUTO for all layers