How to include the drawing loop lenght in the calculations?

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article TIP&TRICK
Source for translation 2021-03-29

Problem description

Under default settings the length of the radiant heating loop is determined based on the indicator which takes into account the basic parameters (loop arrangement, pipe spacing, surface area of radiant heater).
Alternatively, the drawing loop length can be used in the calculations (thermal and hydraulic) and in the bill of materials.
The necessary condition is that loop drawings are created (automatically or manually) beforehand in Heating/cooling floor type components.


  1. Switching to "drawing loop length" in section Additional options of window General data
    1. Location in the program - drawing loop length

CAUTION!!! If you change this setting, the method of determining the pipe spacing for calculating the heating / cooling output of an area changes. The design spacing is based on the area divided by the loop length. Therefore, the Pipe spacing field in Interactive radiant systems calculations window is locked (cannot be edited).

  1. Manual editing of loop drawings
    For more information, see: Manual editing of loop drawings

Comparison between "computational loop length" and "drawing loop length" :