How to eliminate: "The pipe-run is part of the receiver connection"

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article TIP&TRICK
Source for translation 2021-04-29


Problems related to the distribution network in radiator system diagnosed by the program with the following message:

Pipe-run is a part of connection of terminal unit- it cannot contain embedded elements

The above message informs that fittings have been placed on the pipe-run connecting the radiator and the option is turned on for the radiator Connected in tee system.

Option Connected in tee system is reserved for terminal unit connections that connect the radiator with the distribution system not via a pipe section, but:

  • nickel-plated (or other thin-walled steel) tees or elbows,
  • special fittings (e.g. combined tees for under-lath installations).


  • Removal of fittings from the pipe-run indicated by the diagnostic message and selection Terminal unit conn. system, which is the dedicated option Connected in tee system. If such a dedicated Terminal unit conn. system not in the pipe system used, deselect the option Connected in tee system.

1. Option Connected in tee system.