How to eliminate: "PRESSURE DROP TOO HIGH - modify the parameters of H/C Zone or H/C Area"

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article TIP&TRICK
Source for translation 2022-04-21

Problem description

Problems with excessive pressure loss in the system are identified by means of a diagnostics message:

  • .

The error message is displayed when:

  • The number of Heating-cooling surface components specified by the user blocks the possibility of partitioning the Heating/Cooling Floor Zone component.
  • For the manual partitioning mode of the Heating/Cooling Floor Zone component, the pressure drop in the Heating-cooling surface component belonging to the zone is exceeded.


Standard operations leading to the elimination of this error:

  • Increase delta T in the loop in the Interactive radiant systems calculations window.
    1. Change delta T in a loop.

  • Manually separate parts of the Heating/Cooling Zone component that cause a problem during automatic division (e.g. those having indentations for partition walls) and, if necessary, manually divide them into Heating-cooling surface components.
    For more information, see: Heating/cooling surface zone.
  • Increase the number of Heating-cooling surface components. This should be done in the Data table window of the Heating/Cooling Floor Zone component in the No. of H/C Areas field.
    2. No. of H/C Areas in the Heating/Cooling Floor Zone component.