How to eliminate: "Automatic division of H/C Zone not possible"

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article TIP&TRICK
Source for translation 2020-01-13

Problem description

Problems associated with the automatic division of: Heating/Cooling Zone into Heating/Cooling area components are diagnosed by the program by means of message:

Automatic division of H/C Zone not possible.

The message informs that the component: Heating/Cooling Zone could not be divided automatically because:

  • Heating/Cooling Zone is too narrow,
  • resultant number of components: Heating/Cooling area upon division is too large,
  • line of division into Heating/Cooling area components crosses the Peripheral zone (PZ) parallel to it,
  • Pipe feeds route is arranged incorrectly.


  • Change criterion of dividing components: Heating/Cooling Zone.

  • Change width and/or orientation of division so that it is not parallel to Peripheral zone (PZ).
  • Manually divide Heating/Cooling Zone using tools available in the program.
    1. Divide zone ...

  • Change arrangement of Pipe feeds route.