How to calculate a file using a package configuration other than the one under which the file was created

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Product InstalSystem 4
NetSystem 4
InstalSystem 5
Type of article TIP&TRICK
Source for translation 2020-04-05

Problem description

Cannot calculate a file created with different software package configuration that used catalogues or standards that are not available in the configuration used currently to open and calculate the file.


  1. Open the file.
    • When opening the file, messages will be displayed stating that "Cannot find catalogue used in the project" for catalogues that were used, but are not available under the current configuration.
    • In some cases messages may also be displayed pertaining to changed standard packages for defined scopes of calculations.
  2. Under General data/Catalogues select new equivalents for the catalogues indicated in the messages above.
    • Verify or select new data and default types for the selected catalogues.
    • For more information, see: General data
  3. Start calculations. Error messages will be displayed for all components that have no type selected yet.
  4. Cancel the messages invoked by the diagnostics by selecting new component types from catalogues available under the current configurstion.
  5. Start calculations once again.

Attention! Upon selecting new catalaogues the obtained calculation results may be different. New diagnostic messages may also be displayed due to different range of components within the new types selected, due to different flow characteristics, etc.