Ground modeling

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2021-04-14


When creating a building structure in theStoreys managementwindow, it is possible to define a flat representation of ground in two ways, by lowering a storey and by specifying a ground elevation. The program uses this to calculate the Wall near the ground for the entire project in a highly automated manner.

New function Ground modeling enables modeling and graphical visualization of a ground surface of various shapes in the form of a building contour as a curve at the contact of the ground with external walls.


Through the available editors of the contour representing the contact of the ground with theExternal wall, it is possible to define individually or in groups of ordinates for individual topography representations for projects located on non-flat ground.

Computation of building structure and Thermal calculations of building, the thermal partitions are automatically divided into:

  • External wall,
  • Wall near the ground,

taking into account the contour of the ground and their sub-partitions, such as Window and Door.

It is possible to model the ground even more precisely. Insert dividing point to the element, creates an additional break point that can be edited individually.

Along with the integration of this element for both 2D editing and 3D view, it is possible to verify and edit the ground in both windows with direct visualization of introduced changes.

It is possible to adjust the style of the graphic ground to your own needs and design stages in the Component appearance and descriptions configuration window.