General recommendations for users of InstalSystem 4 starting work with InstalSystem 5

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article TIP&TRICK
Source for translation 2020-04-05


In comparison to InstalSystem 4, the InstalSystem 5 package has been built with new components. As a result, regardless of our efforts to minimize the differences in design methodology, access to tools, functions, keyboard shortcuts etc., first steps in a completely new interface may create some problems to Users accustomed to InstalSystem 4. This is why whe have decided to create this article, based on our experience from trainings and everyday contact with our Users, which should help you migrate to the newest generation of our software.

Tips and hints


  1. Calculating modules, which in InstalSystem 4 were a separate application (Instal-therm, Instal-san, Instal-OZC), have become integrated in a one multimodular application InstalSystem 5 Edytor. Turning on of all modules (Project scope tab in General data) adequately to the target scope of project causes turning on of all necessary components for the modules, such as:
    • data tabs in General data
    • editing scope tabs in 2D editor and 3D view
    • tabs and messages in Diagnostics
    • groups and icons on the ribbon, which hinder orientation and prolong project editing.
      For this reason, sequential turning on of calculating modules being subject of a given project phase is recommended.
  2. By default, the big calculator launches all calculations for all enabled modules (according to the settings in Project scope in General data). With the calculator used with its default function, calculation results presented in room labels are crossed off until all diagnostics messages considered as errors displayed in Diagnostics have been removed. It is recommended to turn off a module or a given calculation scope, whis is not subject of a given scope of project.
    1. Calculator configuration

  3. InstalSystem 4 calculation options have been transferred in InstalSystem 5 to General data. Thanks to this solution, the User has access to all general data in one place.

Graphics edition

  1. Editing scopes of different heating installation types have been separated. Designing a given installation type (heating, floor, ceiling), you have to choose a proper editing scope (respectively: Convectional, Rad.-floors,walls, Rad.-ceilings)
  2. Installation distribution elements (Source, Pipe-run, Manifold itp.) may be edited on more than one editing scope.

Building structure

  1. In InstalSystem 5, structural layer of the building (walls, ceilings, roofs etc.) has been distinctively separated from the layer containing partitions necessary for building thermal calculations. It is visible in separate editing scopes: Construction and H&E as well as in separate calculating scopes: Computation of building structure and Thermal calculations of building.
    2. Calculator configuration - Computation of building structure

    Walls may be multistorey, ceilings are inserted in the whole building outline (in InstalSystem 4, it was necessary to insert ceilings separately in each room), it is also possible to cut holes in the ceiling. The building structure preparation phase is much more similar to the actual process of building creation, what accelerates it and renders it more intuitive. It also allows faster and easier elimination of project errors occurred at the primary phases of project realisation. .
  2. InstalSystem 5 is not equipped with (often giving incorrect or incomplete results) the mechanism interperting vertical structural partitions (walls, windows, doors) from DWG/DXF formats (instead, it is possible to use the Automatic walls, slabs and roofs function - it is the recommended way of creating a building structure). Nevertheless, it is possible to perform interpretation in InstalSystem 4, save the project file (*.isb) and open it in InstalSystem 5 in order to further edit the project.
    For more information, see: Preparation of building structure

Thermal calculations of building

  1. The basis to perform complete and correct calculation results are:
    • lack of error messages in Diagnostics in tabs: Building structure andThermal calculations of building
    • lack of messages with the following content: There are rooms in the project that have not been generated automatically.
  2. The program automatically generates heat partitions on the basis of the created building structure after having launched calculations with the Computation of building structure scope enabled.
    Calculation of design heat load of rooms

Heating systems

  1. InstalSystem 5 introduces a new element: Heating/Cooling Zone, which may contain one or more elements such as Heating-cooling surface (corresponding with Heating floor and Heating wall known from InstalSystem 4).
    For more information, see: Heating/cooling zone
  2. There is no logical differentiation of the elements Pipe-run and Pipe feed. They have been integrated and indicated with one common icon named Pipe-runs. Differentiation is made automatically by the program upon the analysis of pipe feed connections and of a given unit, to which the element is connected.
  3. The main element used to connect manifolds with Heating/Cooling Zone is Pipe feeds route.
    For more information, see: Pipe feeds route and editing pipe feeds in a radiant system
  4. The element Pipe feeds route should be connected to the edge of the element Heating/Cooling Zone, and not to the element Heating-cooling surface (pipe feeds to particular H/C Fl. are generated automatically).
  5. Manifold accessories (e.g. mixing unit, ball valve sets etc.) are added to the manifold by choosing proper catalogue type (window: General data, tab: Manifolds, fittings and control, field: Manifold set)
    For more information, see: Manifolds for radiant system and their accessories
  6. The basic element which connects systems among various floors is Riser.
    For more information, see: Connecting storeys with the "Stack" element