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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation IS 5.0 Beta 33


General data may be modified on every stage of project creation. Detailed information on the principal scope of the General data section to be edited, depending on the type of system being designed or on the type of calculations performed, are given in the articles concerning the particular applications of the package.
For more information, see: DESIGN APPLICATIONS.
Settings modified in the General data window may be applied to multiple projects. To enable this the file with the modified settings should be saved as a new template.
For more information, see:Template files

Location in the program

The General data window can be launched from the Main tools toolbar in all editing scopes. It can also be opened by pressing the F5 function key.

1. Location of the General data window

Information on the rules of arranging windows in Edytor InstalSystem 5 is given in Window Layout.

Example of use

Project info

Project info can be appended in this section.

2. Project info section

Project scope

The appropriate scope of calculations in the project is selected in this section.

3. Project scope section

Storeys management

The building structure (number and basic data of storeys) can be defined or modified in this section.
For more information, see: Preparation of building structure

4. Storeys management section


The catalogues available in the program constitute predefined, uneditable files that contain data on components that can be used when designing a system. A specific type of catalogue is climatic data. Data contained in catalogues can be entered into projects by indicating in a catalogue a product or system to be used in the project. This saves time that would otherwise be spent on entering numerous detailed data.
At this point a set of catalogues can be indicated from which products are to be available when editing a system or selecting components and conducting calculations. The available types and scopes of catalogues depend on the configuration of the software package. The catalogues may contain data on neutral components or components provided by a specific manufacturer.

5. Catalogues section

Building and surroundings

This section enables defining basic building data in the context of the systems under design.
Building and surroundings contain information on its location and default data of building structure components, e.g.: Heat loss index Φsurf,H, Cooling load index Φsurf,C.

6. Building and surroundings section

Default data of systems under design

The data stored here is assigned to all system components that have a default status (computer symbol) in specified data field. That status is assigned to all newly inserted components. The default value can be changed at every stage of design - at any moment values can be specified for individual components or the default setting can be restored. Default data are accessible in the General data window in the form of several sections assigned to particular scopes of the project, e.g.: Thermal systems.

7. Default data of systems under design section

Component appearance configuration

In this section the appearance of components (e.g. colour or scale) and some editing parameterts can be defined for individual projects. This enables adjusting the appearance of drawings and the manner of work to the individual requirements of the project.

8. Component appearance configuration section