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Product InstalSystem 5
Source for translation 2020-03-10

Educational version features

Purposes and limitations
Educational version is a tool for schools and universities supporting teaching of designing projects by learning how to use a computer aided design program. Educational licences may be used by training conductors and school/university students, .
Results and drawings printouts from educational version are marked with a "stamp" informing about its educational character. The same regards files created or saved with an educational version and later loaded with the standard version, where the "stamp" cannot be erased. At the running of the educational version, its user confirms that he or she accepts the non-commercial use of this version .
There are no other limitations resulting from the educational character of a given version - possible differences may result only from the licence configuration.

Licence versions and types
Educational version of the InstalSystem package may refer to the full version as well as to the customized one. The full InstalSoft version is always in the "Heating, cooling and tap water systems + BIM" configuration and is limited in terms of catalogue range. The educational version of customized packages are configured as the Partner's standard version and contains the same catalogue database as the program activated with use of a commercial licence.

Educational licences are distributed as one of the following types described with letters: C - computers in school or university classrooms, personal computers of university staff conducting classes; S - student (licences for usage on students' personal computers); T - computers in the Customer training rooms (company - Partner in possession of his licence version). The type of licence induces no limitations nor differences in regard of how a program activated with an educational licence works; howeer, type-C licences may be prolonged for a next year, meanwhil type-S licences expire after a year.

Full-version educational licences are distributed directly by InstalSoft, by agreement with an interested university or directly upon a student's request. Customized-version educational licences are distributed by our Partners in possession of customized software versions.