Design based on a project file from InstalSystem 4

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2018-02-08


The article explains how to proceed in InstalSystem 5 in order to:

  • open an InstalSystem 4 project file (ISB format),
  • solve problems encountered when opening a file.

Location in the program

Opening of InstalSystem 4 project files under InstalSystem 5 can be effected by the Open file function both in InstalSystem 5 Manager as well as in InstalSystem 5 Editor.

Example of use

Opening an ISB format project

The program always opens an ISB project file in the most recent installed version of InstalSystem 5.

Range of imported data and components

  • Range of imported data and components supported by InstalSystem 5.
    • General data - the individual data are transferred to corresponding fields in InstalSystem 5,
    • building structure components: storeys, walls and related components (window, door, opening in wall), rooms, etc.,
    • system components: heating surfaces, manifolds, pipe-runs, pipe feeds, remote connections, sources, fittings, stacks, mixers, valves, radiators, units of specified flow resistance, expansion joints, etc.,
    • component data converted into corresponding component data in InstalSystem 5,
    • component data required for thermal calculations of the building, including:
      • standards and calculation options,
      • definitions of thermal partitions (partition structures),
      • general data of the building and of the building units,
      • room data (ventilation parameters, heated/non-heated, design temperature),
    • descriptive components and printout components: labels, tables, etc.
  • Data and components not imported to InstalSystem 5.
    • worksheets of the Developed view type,
    • data fields of components not present in InstalSystem 5,
    • underlays (base drawings) generated by Scan combine,
    • components: 3-way valve; 4-way valve; mixer of the type 2 valves, pump on mixer,
    • logical partitions (tabular and graphical),
    • system components within unsupported calculation scopes and applications,
    • components created in a worksheet of the Developed view type.

Verification of diagnostic messages after opening a file

  • Verification of diagnostics on unsupported calculation scopes.
    1. Unsupported calculation scopes

  • Verification of diagnostics on missing catalogues.
    2. Missing catalogues

  • Verification of diagnostics on data and components not imported.
    3. Data and components not imported

  • Verification of diagnostics on imported unsupported data and components.
    4. Unsupported data and components

Verification of data and components after open file

Some data have a 4File-pencil.png status, indicating that the value is set.

  • Verification in the General data window, in particular:
    • Project info,
    • enabled expected Calculation scope,
    • Catalogues used in the project,
    • Selected components from Distribution system:
      • Types and default data,
      • Pipe and insulation sizing options.
    • Radiant systems:
      • Floor systems.
  • Verification of building structure.
    • existence of building structure components: storeys, rooms, walls, horizontal partitions, windows, doors,
    • wall parameters (thickness) and window/door parameters (dimensions) in relation to source file,
    • verification using 3D view and in General data / Storeys management:
      • proper mutual orientation of storeys,
      • proper display of associated components (windows, doors) and location thereof as in source file,
      • areas occupied by rooms are identical with those in source file,
      • rooms do not match,
      • multi-storey rooms are as expected.
  • Verification of service systems.
    • heating surfaces - automatically converted into Heating/Cooling Zone,
    • manifolds - Manifold set is set to Other,
    • pipe-runs and feed pipes,
    • mixers - withdrawal of mixer of the 2 valves, pumps on mixer creates discontinuities in the system,
    • units of set flow resistance,
    • Remote connection - lack of support of Developed view creates discontinuities in the system,
    • stacks,
    • sources.
  • Verification of component appearance.
    • graphical style,
    • appearance and contents of labels.

Verification of data after opening file with data for calculating thermal load of building

  • Verification of building structure.
  • Verification of room data.
    • verify in H&E accordance of room data with source file:
      • Type,
      • Symbol,
      • Method of calculating Phi,
      • Theta_i,H,
      • Status: heated/not heated,
      • assignment to Building unit,
      • data in frame Ventilation for heat loss
  • Verification of logical partitions.
    • rooms have logical partitions - verify in H&E and in Project browser within the H&E scope.
  • Verification of partition data.
    • verify in Project browser within the H&E scope the existence of partition definitions - cooling partitions InstalSystem 4 with properties specified directly in the room table (with no definition applied) automatically generate in InstalSystem 5 appropriate definitions.

Appending data and components after open file

After verifying diagnostic messages, data and components, to continue working with InstalSystem 5 it may be necessary to:

  • append and adjust remote connections due to lack of imported worksheets of the Developed view type,
  • append service systems with unimported components that are necessary to continue working with the project,
  • replace components that are not imported with equivalent components available in InstalSystem 5,
  • append the building structure with missing components,
  • launch Computation of building structure to generate logical partitions required for Thermal calculations of building,
  • reinstate lost assignments of partition definitions to logical partitions.