Convective heating installation with risers in multifunctional building

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article SAMPLE PROJECT
Source for translation 2021-05-13

Project description

The attached project presents an exemplary solution for a convective heating installation with risers in a multifunctional building.

Files to download and project information

Project files

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Instalacja grzejnikowa z pionami w budynku wielofunkcyjnym, isproj
Designed with InstalSystem 5
Rev. GOLD 19.0
Required modules Base module
Heating systems
Radiators sizing
Project range Heating systems
Used catalogues

Basic radiant systems
Neutral radiators
Brass and steel pipe couplings and fittings
PEX/AL/PE-RT System (pipes and fittings)
Miscellaneous fittings of any make
PEX (pipe and fittings) acc. to EN ISO 15875
Standard mixers, pump and bypass units
Standard insulation catalogue
Neutral valves catalogue-typical construction

Type of building multifunctional building
with basement
Building structure Base drawing basement, dwg
Base drawing ground floor, dwg
Base drawing floor, dwg
Base drawing attic, dwg
Drawings range Plan view
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Legal disclaimer The whole file or parts of the project may be copied
Calculation results Full printout, xls
Full printout, pdf
Bill components, xls
Bill components, pdf
Drawing results Basement, dwg
Ground floor, dwg
Floor, dwg
Schema, dwg
Basement, pdf
Ground floor, pdf
Floor, pdf
Schema, pdf