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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2017-11-18


This functionality supports the process of importing an underlay (base drawing) and is used when the base drawing of a storey is in the form of several bitmap files (e.g. in BMP or PNG format), each of which contains a fragment of the entire storey. This often happens when a large base drawing is scanned with a smaller size scanner. This function enables combining the scans into one complete underlay with all the fragments properly aligned. The function is integrated into the graphical editor and it is implemented by a number of commands available on the toolbar. This tool also enables adjusting the orientation and trimming of the complete underlay.

Location in the program

The functionality is available only for the Underlay editing scope in the form of three icons on the Main tools toolbar.

1. Base combiner

Example of use

  1. Prepare (e.g. scan) the underlay in several fragments, making sure that the adjacent fragments overlap each other.
  2. Import the files that contain the underlay fragments. For more information, see: Import files.
  3. Mark the first two fragments of underlay to be combined.
  4. Select the Prepare underlay parts to combine icon on the toolbar.
  5. Mark the corresponding alignment points in each of the fragments to be combined.
  6. Combine the fragments by selecting the Combine selected underlay files icon.
  7. If necessary, change the orientation of the unerlay using the Correct orientation of the graphics icon.