Calculation of cooling capacity for radiant systems (floor, wall or ceiling)

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article DESIGNING LESSON
Source for translation 2020-01-20

Range of lesson

This article talks about how to use InstalSystem 5 for calculation of cooling power of radiant systems (floor, wall or ceiling), designed with use of any structure (wet, dry or panel system) available in the software.

Modules and program configuration

  • InstalSystem 5 including the module:
    • Cooling systems

Steps to perform

Selecting the scope of calculations

  1. Select the scope of calculations Cooling systems and Heating systems on the tab General data, Project scope.
    1. Project scope

Source data settings

  1. Go to the General data/Thermal systems/Sources.
  2. Set the Default source use on Heating and cooling efficiency.
  3. Impose the default source temperature (or in Data table individually for each source).
    2. Source settings

Data verification

  1. Go to the General data/Building and surroundings/Climatic data.
  2. Verify default data: Outdoor tempearture for heating and Outdoor temperature for cooling.
    3. Climatic data

  3. Verify coefficients of heating and cooling power demand for squere meter, declared on General data/Building and surroundings/Room data.

Calculations and results

  1. Execution of the calculations in accordance with Calculations and diagnostics.