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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2023-01-17


The article describes the usage of the Buffer tank - the element of Heating systems or Cooling systems. In the program it has two primary and two secondary connections (supply and return).

Location in the program

The Buffer tank icon can be found in the 2D Editor window on the Main tools toolbar in Convectional and Rad.-floors,walls sections:

1. Insert Buffer tank.

Example of use

Placing the component

After placing the Buffer tank at the desired location on the plan, the following data may be entered or changed in the Data table window:

  • Distance from floor (set in storey data)
  • Type from a catalogue
  • For the Fittings not from catalogue choose the Orientation, Connection diam. and enter the values of Water capacity and dimensions.

Respect the proper orientation - the element has "heat source side" and "terminals side".

2. Data table.

Connecting the component

  1. After all system components have been placed on the drawing, the Buffer tank should be connected to the source on one side (primary circuit) and to the system on the other side (secondary circuit). Connection to the Buffer tank is made by using Supply and Return pipelines.
  2. A Pump must be installed on the secondary side.

Additional information

After running calculations the information on the type of the Buffer tank and the Pump can be found in the Results window.

3. Results window.