Automatically connect terminal units

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTION AND TOOL
Source for translation 2018-02-08


Automatically connect terminal units is an operation that enables automatic connecting of terminal units with specified connection points to Pipe-run/Pipe feed components. After selecting all components to be connected and after performing the operation, additional fragments of the system are created (Pipe-runs). Components handled by the operation:

  • Pipe-run/Pipe feed
  • Terminal units
    -Heating/Cooling area
    -Ceiling panel/Wall panel
    -Terminal unit
    -Remote connection

Location in the program

Automatically connect terminal units is accessible in the 2D editor window, on the Main tools toolbar, section Edit, for the active editing scopes Rad.-floors,walls, Rad.-ceilings or Convectional

1. Automatically connect terminal units

Example of use

Example of connecting Radiator components to the system

Example of connecting Heating/Cooling area components in a Tichelmann system

Additional information

  • After completing the creation of additional pipe-runs and connecting terminal units, all "dead" sections are highlighted within the system fragment engaged in the operation. "Dead" sections are those that have one end not connected to any other section or unit. This facilitates the removal of redundant parts of the system.
    2. Sections highlighted after completed operation

  • When connecting Heating/Cooling area the Pipe-run/Pipe feed must be connected with Source or Riser.